Lablab Plus

World’s Finest Warm-Season Nutrition Plot



Oats, Wheat, Triticale, Forage Turnip, Hybrid Brassica, Winter Peas, Clovers


Alfa Feast

The Ideal Perennial Mix for Well-Drained Soils



The “Magic Bean” Of Warm-Season Deer Plots


Monster Mix is the most complete seed on the market

Protein content: 22% to 28%

Monster Mix Seed - buy NOW!

An ultimate “Do it All” mix. The best and most versatile wildlife mix in the food plot industry. Tecomate’s own premium clovers and chicory provide fall attraction for hunting plots and year-round nutrition for bigger & healthier deer.

Pounder Series


Manager Line

Tecomate Testimonials

What started it all! LabLab will improve the health and size of your deer, bar none!

Dr. Gary Schwarz, Tecomate Co-Founder

Monster Mix is by far the best perennial blend you can plant to improve your herd’s health and provide important year-round nutrition!

Host of The Bucks of Tecomate® TV Show David Morris

I plant 100 acres of Greenfield each year for myself and my clients. I am continually amazed at the quantity and quality of deer that use these plots all season long.

Tecomate® Seed Rep Mark Newell

We have had great success planting Alfa-Feast over the past 5 years. It’s perfect for the smaller plots we maintain and they are constantly holding both deer and turkeys!

Tecomate® Pro Staffer Jason Thompson

Max-Attract is the Cadillac of fall attraction food plots.

Tecomate Customer Christopher Cotton

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Tecomate Planting Guide

A FOOD PLOT - SUCCESS, ONE STEP AT A TIME Welcome to the first fork in the road. A lot of folks are planting food plots these days; some are experienced, some are not. At Tecomate, we want to do everything possible to make sure that regardless of your experience you take the right steps to success. If you are a beginner foodplotter or have limited equipment please look at Level 1. If you have planted food plots before and have farming equipment, we recommend reading Level 2 which is at the bottom.

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